Confidentiality Agreement Bachelor Thesis

06 Dez Confidentiality Agreement Bachelor Thesis

Students often work with private companies or organizations when writing theses and reports. These external partners can enter into a written agreement to prevent third parties from having access to confidential information. 19. Students retain copyright in their academic work, but this right must be reconciled with that of ETS (particularly with regard to inventions, patents and software) and researchers of professors who employ them or research directors who associate students with their work. These rights include the use and, if necessary, confidentiality of the content of a report, thesis or doctoral thesis. 28. This delay in distribution applies even if the research director has played an active role in the completion of the student`s research project, and even if the student has written the report, thesis or thesis related to the research project of the research director, unless a contrary agreement is signed between the student, the research director and the dean of studies. Confidential note of information relating to the confidentiality agreement (docx) 29. Notwithstanding sections 19 to 26, a student must accept that the knowledge to be kept available to evaluators, subject to the obligation to respect confidentiality. 23. Where the specific conditions of a research project are favourable to the development of a report, thesis or doctoral thesis, the research director must inform the student in advance and inform the rights of all parties concerned with regard to the use of the project results. “The TS cannot sign a confidentiality agreement with an external partner that violates a student`s right to submit a report, thesis or thesis for the purpose of assessment or graduation.” (section 20) “If the doctoral report, thesis or thesis contains research findings on corporate secrets that may be affected by the disclosure of the results, confidentiality should be limited to elements related to corporate secrets and legitimate concerns about their protection, not to all research results.” (section 30) “All students participating in a research project for which the Director performs the work on behalf of external organizations, in accordance with a contract, or otherwise sign a statement at the beginning of their work on the project, in which they undertake to respect the contractual obligations that commit the STS and the person in charge of the project with respect to external organizations, including confidentiality and intellectual property.” (section 26) Please follow this procedure as part of the standard confidentiality agreement: It is often necessary to establish a confidentiality agreement between the company/organization and the student.

This is why the AU has prepared a standard confidentiality agreement recommended for use by the student and the company. The following rule applies when a student who writes his thesis informs his scientific superior of a confidentiality agreement with a company or organization: 21. Subject to the provisions of sections 19, 24 and 25, students retain the copyright to their studies, reports, theses and doctoral theses, which are completed within the specific framework of their academic program. This right is even applicable to the research director, unless a prior written agreement has been signed taking into account specific circumstances related to the preparation of the report, thesis or thesis. In addition, if the thesis is classified as “confidential” under the above agreement, the following rules apply: The main reason for the delay in the publication of a thesis or thesis is to allow the protection of intellectual property.

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