Registered Rent Agreement In Jaipur

15 Dez Registered Rent Agreement In Jaipur

Registration of the lease: this is a step that should never be overlooked. If one party is negligent, it is up to the other party to take an initiative to record the act. Commercial leases: Commercial leases are signed exclusively for commercial purposes. It can be between an individual and a company or between companies. One way or another, these leases do not correspond to a standard format because they adapt to the needs of the company concerned. Commercial leases are characterized by high lump sums in advance and sometimes high rental costs. As a transaction-like, registration and certification are never neglected. Concrete action as such does not depend primarily on that of other states in India. It starts with the resident and landlord discussing what rent, maintenance costs and conditions should be included in the contract. This is supported either by one of the parties who turn to a lawyer to make the final version of the agreement. The lawyer then finds a stamp seller and obtains the deed printed on stamp paper, regardless of the value required by state law.

Both parties sign the document with their two witnesses. The facts are then recorded with the local sub-directory. You now have to pay a stamp duty of nearly 3,000 times for the preparation of a lease for a building wroth Rs 30 lakh. In addition, you must pay 20% of the stamp duty as a non-registration and 20% of the stamp duty as a supplement. Any document to be registered should be submitted by the person concerned, or by the representative or agent of a person duly accredited to the competent person himself. For registration, the original document, which must be attached with two photocopies of the original, must be presented to the registry administrator. The registration process also requires the presence of two witnesses and the payment of the corresponding registration fees. The procedure itself is not very different from that of other states. It starts with tenants and landlords discussing rent, maintenance costs and clauses to be included in the contract.

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