Bhs Field Rental Agreement

12 Sep Bhs Field Rental Agreement

When renting a field, the responsibility for maintenance depends entirely on the draft contract. “You have to take the same approach, whether you`re dealing with two or twenty acres,” says Lucy Winfield of Strutt & Parker. Start with information that identifies the parties to the rental agreement, the installation of horses, and the duration of the rental agreement. Please indicate a deposit and monthly rent as well as penalties for late or refused payments. Insurance is a key element of a complete rental agreement for equestrian facilities. The contract should define the assurance that each party must maintain. The contract should indicate the incidental costs available in the barn and who must pay the bills. Since dogs and horses can be an ephemeral combination, it is advisable to indicate which breeds of dogs are allowed on the site, if any. Other points to consider are changes in installation, slurry management and panels.

In some circumstances, an agricultural lease may be used for grazing contracts for horses that may be part of a larger commercial operation (e.g. B a painting farm or riding school), but great caution should be exercised. An agricultural lease can only be used if the main agricultural activity is agricultural. Although grazing is considered agricultural, it is not a secondary activity. Therefore, a farm lease would only be valid if the pasture is completely separate from the land on which the farm and facilities are located. Therefore, if you accept an agricultural lease, you must be vigilant.

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