Ncb Repurchase Agreement

28 Sep Ncb Repurchase Agreement

1. Operations may not be carried out without the prior agreement of the ECB beyond the threshold set out in Annex I to this Guideline. That threshold shall also apply to repo transactions, without prejudice to the procedure for prior authorisation of repo transactions referred to in Article 4. 1. Before concluding pension operations with national central banks outside the Eurosystem, NCBs shall submit such arrangements to the ECB for prior approval by the Governing Council. 5. The new framework aims to provide greater protection for retail pension clients by depriving the trader, for the duration of the contract, of control of the assets underlying retirement and making them available to an independent agent. In Jamaica, investors prefer cash-like investments, such as retirement operations and money market funds, where risks are lower and liquidity is higher. `repo activity` means an agreement where by which an NCB and a national central bank other than the euro area agree to conclude one or more specific repo transactions.

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