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02 Okt Post Op Agreement

For many of us, it can at best be unpleasant to have conversations about money and the possible end of a marriage. However, making a deal to protect yourself can be a smart tactic in many situations. If you`re planning to get married as a long-term partnership, it`s a good idea to set the framework in advance. Finally, you don`t want to make a long-term business deal without having a legal contract. But no matter what is written in the post-up, there are certain conditions that can invalidate it, including the following: Alexei signed with his wife a ten-year-old post-nup. “I`m not an idiot. My wife is much younger than me and, what to say, I`m not perfect,” he says. But I am a very rich man. In Russia, the courts would not be worth it for my wife to leave me. But here, it`s a different story. » Methods: the results were compared within 30 days of the study and database and the agreement levels were calculated with kappa statistics.

Alexei admits he inflated his wife`s post-nup before she knew about his plans to move the family to London. “I told him I had watched our pre-nup and wanted a new deal because I loved him and wanted to give him more,” he says. “I love him. But as I said, I`m not an idiot. However, most lawyers say that prenups are absolutely indispensable for couples who marry with a fortune or a large estate. In this case, a marriage contract can help protect the pre-concrete property of each spouse, otherwise the property and income of a marriage would become common property. In Canada, agreements are authorized and, in fact, most provinces have statutes that they expressly authorize. [Citation required] However, the courts subject them to greater legal scrutiny than marriage contracts. The reason for this is the legal theory that neither spouse has legal rights before marriage, so a spouse does not give up anything by signing a marriage contract. [Citation required] But once married, different family rights crystallize. So if you make a terminated contract, you give up the rights you already have. [1] In most cases, a contract is maintained in the event of a dispute in the courtroom. .

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