Psa Ird Collective Agreement

03 Okt Psa Ird Collective Agreement

7.11.1 An officer and his collaborators may negotiate, either collectively or individually, special leave paid by the control officers (ROSL) for permanent employees designated as verification officers and who are invited by the manager to spend periods from home to carry out checks or perform related work (for example. B: collection of information from schools or centres by e&P staff in Centres, schools or homeschoolers. This should be managed in such a way as to minimise, as far as possible, overnight stays. Temporary employees are only covered by certain clauses of this Agreement. The general terms and conditions of sale contained in the overall employment contract, which may apply to fixed-term workers who are members of PSA, are listed in Annex II to this Agreement. 7.5.8 A staff member may rely, by mutual agreement with his or her supervisor, on annual leave which will be reimbursed if necessary in the event of dismissal. The union argues that these employees are actually employed by the IRD and not by Madison and that they deserve equal pay and equal conditions for their colleagues under the new collective agreement. A staff member may retire voluntarily or for medical reasons, with the agreement of the Director General. The manager will communicate to PSA the names and location of all relevant employees who are members of PSA and not placed by re-evaluating or reassigning. This consultation must be provided at least one month before the date on which surplus staff are to be dismissed. If circumstances warrant, this date may be changed with the agreement of the Chief Executive and PSA. Additional information is provided to PSA upon request.

Casual workers: – means an employee who is occupied by the agreement that the nature of the relationship is an occasional employment relationship “as necessary”. The employer advises the worker if he wants him to work (although the worker is not required to accept a job on request, nor an obligation on the part of the employer to offer the worker a job). . . .

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