Tbs Collective Agreement La

10 Okt Tbs Collective Agreement La

(ii) unilaterally by the worker`s employer, or bilaterally by the employer and the worker, represented by the negotiator, in respect of an object which, in the opinion of the Treasury Board, is identical or related to the subject matter of or related to a directive, policy, regulation or agreement adopted, as described in point (i) 18.03, the parties may, by mutual agreement, have the use of a mediator; to resolve a complaint about discrimination. The selection of the Ombudsman shall be made by mutual agreement. (ii) the conditions of the plan, collective agreement or arbitration award, with the exception of the rates of pay in force on the day on which the plan, collective agreement or arbitration award would be out of application but which apply to that subdivision, shall remain in force for forty-eight months immediately after that date, without amendment. . . .

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