Va Master Agreement 2018

13 Okt Va Master Agreement 2018

In May 2018, President Donald Trump passed three implementing regulations changing the salary and collective bargaining of federal employees, which required union representatives to devote at least 75 percent of their time to agency work and not to the official time. The Department of Veterans Affairs on May 2 proposed a new collective agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees, which Agency officials say will improve medical care, customer service and employee accountability. The new agreement would also strengthen frontline supervisors, streamline the recruitment and training process and ensure that the collective agreement does not intervene in the Agency`s modernization legislation, according to the VA press release. According to a VA press release, the new collective agreement would reduce the agency`s official time use from about 1 million hours of work per year to 10,000 hours of official time, a 99 percent reduction. However, union representatives say the proposed agreement presents substantial protection measures offered under the current agreement, which covers around 250,000 workers within the Agency. The panel removed several items from the agreement and reduced others, said Ibidun Roberts, who represents the NOV. NVAC filed a request for a stay of the decision with the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the FSIP`s parent agency, until the ongoing appeals regarding several articles of the agreement and the constitutionality of the appointment of FSIP members are resolved. Finally, the decision reduced the time available to the union to meet and represent workers by prestepsing a limit of 0.65 hours per employee in the bargaining unit. That`s less than the one-hour cap per bargaining unit employee, recommended to authorities in Trump`s 2018 executive order, centered on the official period. According to the FSIP`s decision, official time cannot be used for abuse either.

The Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP), made up of 10 president-appointees who settle deadlocks in negotiations between agencies and unions, significantly modified the agreement in its Nov. 5 decision, supposedly to align the labor agreement with several Trump administration implementing regulations that govern federal personnel. The current collective agreement between AFGE and VA has existed since 2011 and the union and agency must now begin negotiations on the new contract proposal. Under the Trump administration, the VA has been aggressive in trying to reduce official time and decided in November 2018 that some of the agency`s medical staff could not use this period. This rule was brought before the courts by AFGE shortly after its introduction. “It`s time to restart VA`s approach to the relationship between labour relations and management. A reluctance to challenge the status quo has led to the current agreement, which contains many benefits that favor the union and not the veterans we are to serve,” VA secretary Robert Wilkie said in the press release. “Minister [Robert] Wilkie mocks the collective bargaining process to follow President Trump`s precepts,” afge National President J. . .


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