Visa Merchant Agreement

14 Okt Visa Merchant Agreement

As a rule, a merchant is allowed to apply for an identity card, but cannot require it as a prerequisite for accepting the visa card. However, there are exceptions, for example where visa has authorised the trader to require, in certain circumstances, identification for fraud control. A merchant may offer discounts for cash payment, but the discount must be granted as a discount to the standard price. As a general rule, Visa is a method of payment and not a method of collection or performance of a contract. However, under certain conditions, certain types of dealers (accommodation, car rental, bike, boat, equipment, motorhome, motorcycle, truck/trailer) and trailer/camping fleets) may accept a guaranteed booking (if the cardholder indicates a Visa account number but no payment at the time of booking to ensure that accommodation, goods or services, as reserved and agreed with the dealer, are available). For more information, please contact your Visa-Acquirer. As soon as a trader`s contract is terminated for any of the above reasons, Visa prohibits its member banks from entering into new agreements with the prohibited trader or its contracting entities. Processors who declare a merchant banned should expect significant fines, as shown in the table below: However, the main reason for terminating a merchant contract is excessive refund. Visa may terminate a merchant in the following return cases: Below are some frequently asked questions about visa rules. If you have a question about a visa rule that is not covered below, please contact Visa at [email protected]. Please note that visas change from time to time.

If there is a discrepancy between the information contained in those frequently asked questions and the visa rules, the visa rules shall apply. You will find further requirements in the Visa Acceptance Agreement between you and your acquirer.

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